Education & Awards

    The Saco River Festival Association has a long and reputable history in collaborating with schools to develop educational programs of high quality. So many of our programs have affected the lives of young people. Helping to increase the educational and cultural opportunities for even one family can make a considerable difference in the community.

    The SRFA believes that interested music students should have the opportunity to attend music camps or group programs. We are offering tuition assistance through the scholarship program to help defray the costs of attending summer camp or other activities.

    Over the years, the Saco River Festival Association has been lauded for its unique programs and received a major award from the New York Times Foundation for our creative educational programs. Since 1976, we have realized some very significant accomplishments:
        The S.R.F.A. helps to send students in the SAD#55 Schools to hear the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

        The SRFA provides funds to bring live music and artistic programs into the schools.
        In the organization’s early years, the Festival Association established and supported Portland’s first Chamber Music Series, collaborated with the Portland Museum of Art to develop a residency performing arts program during the opening year of the Charles Shipman Payson Wing, and helped teachers develop curriculums to integrate music into the disciplines of science, literature, the humanities, and fine arts.

The SRFA offers scholarship assistance to students who wish to attend music camps and programs.

In support of the SAD#55 Music programs, SRFA has provided funds for equipment and expenses beyond the operating budget, including 1) Musical Instruments, 2) Keyboards and pedals, 3) Instrument repair kits 4) Trip transportation costs, 5)Sponsorship for concerts or plays.

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